A downloadable game for Windows


Arrow keys to move 

Shoot the start icon to begin 


Enter Burt The Squirt! You play as Burt, Gods penis! Bill Cosby has escaped from Jesus's vagina and is conquering the universe with its forces! Now it is your  job to stop Bill Cosby and lock him back up in Jesus's vagina! Now if I didn't convince you to play this game from hell I don't know what will :)


This game is a work in progress and I have a lot planned for this game but I am hoping for feedback from you guys and requests things I can add to the game 


Things I already have planned for the game

-Bosses that appear depending on your score

-Difficulty menu that changes how many enemies appear and how much points each enemy gives 

-Skills points that you can obtain depending on you're score 

-Skill shop that you can use you're skill points on after you die

-Credit scene giving credit to me and Devil Craft 

-The actual story lol 

-Sounds effects 


If you want to see something added to the game leave a comment oh and PS don't play this game around you're parents Enjoy :) Also join my discord https://discord.gg/kdZDdKr


Burt The Squirt(WIP).zip 1 MB

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